Member Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Eagle Lab re-opening?

Before we can open the Lab, we need to ensure that the site has been independently assessed to ensure it meets both the Government and Barclays’ COVID workplace safety standards. We’re working closely with the assessors to meet the high standards set by Barclays and will let you know as soon as we can open the Lab.

What measures will you be putting into place regarding the safety of my team and I?

We’re making a number of changes including:

  • Enhanced cleaning and hygiene throughout the Lab, especially communal areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Introducing social distancing in line with Government guidance throughout the space
  • Allocated seating only and all available space to be converted for co-working use
  • Increased sanitisation equipment for your regular use
  • Clear on-site signage and instructions

Of course, each Lab is different and the Lab team on site will let you know of anything specific that applies to your space and we will share the full details before we re-open.

Can my whole team come back on the first day you open?

Each site’s capacity and availability of space will differ. We are currently unable to confirm if every business will be able to return with their full team, until we have completed a full review with all of our members. Therefore, your Ecosystem Manager will be in touch ahead of re-opening to discuss the specific capacity needs of you and your team.

Can I hold meetings with external guests at the Lab?

From listening to your feedback via the recent survey, we understand for many members the meeting facilities are a key benefit to being part of their Lab so visitors will be allowed. However, we will have to manage the visitor numbers closely as part of safety measures. To help us with this we will be asking that all visitors are booked in with your Labs team at least 48 hours ahead of the visit, to allow us to manage capacity and ensure there is enough space to maintain social distancing guidelines. Please do not confirm face to face meetings in the Lab until your Labs Team has confirmed availability. We also ask you consider if the meeting needs to be held physically, or if any virtual collaboration tools (e.g. Webex, Zoom, Skype) would be a suitable alternative.

What about our office – can we work in it as we did before?

We’re reviewing the capacity in the offices at the Lab and we will be in touch with you on a case-by-case basis. It could be that we ask you to spread out and use other spaces at the Lab to be able to observe social distancing safely.

What events will you be holding at the Lab?

All of our events will be held virtually using online tools for the time being and we will re-start our events programme at the Lab when we can run events in line with the Government and Barclays recommended safety guidelines. You can check out our virtual events programme at

Can I still access the Eagle Labs mentors?

Of course, our mentors from Codebase and Cambridge Judge Business School are available to you online. You can get in touch with your Ecosystem Manager to book your session.

Will the Maker Space be open – can I use the equipment?

Yes you can, if you have already been inducted on how to use our Maker Space equipment at the Lab.
If you’ve not used the equipment before, then we’re not able to provide you with an induction at this time because it’s not possible to socially distance and give you the level of support required. If you would like to use the Maker Space facilities, then please get in touch with the on-site Engineer or your Ecosystem Manager and we will do our best to help you.

I’m not coming back to the Lab full time like before, how does this affect my membership?

Please speak to your Ecosystem Manager to discuss your individual circumstances.

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