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Eagle X

“The exponential advances in digital and data technology mean that companies across the UK are constantly striving to address the challenges and opportunities that this creates for their business – how existing customer journeys are being disrupted and where new ones are being created.

Barclays Eagle X programme supports large companies and organisations to turbo-charge their own innovative capabilities – developing and maintaining a culture of digital awareness and learning across an organisation and then leveraging our ground-breaking Eagle Lab platform and our partner network to turn ideas into scalable solutions.”

David Wilson, Strategic Transformation Director, Barclays

The Importance of Innovation

Innovation is becoming increasingly important for corporates the world over due to the positive effect it has in creating job opportunities, increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in global markets, improving the quality of life and contributing to more sustainable economic growth.

Despite the numerous advantages of innovation, both to corporates and to the wider economy, only 50% of businesses in the UK were actively involved in innovation between 2014 and 2016*. An important driver of innovation is creating the right culture to empower individuals to be innovative.

*UK Innovation Survey (2017), ONS

UK Innovation surveyMicrosoft (2017)

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