Rapid Prototyping:
Custom Battery by Zinergy UK Ltd.

Thin, light, flexible & durable batteries

Zinergy UK Ltd are an engineering company based in Cambridge with the ambition to produce the thinnest, lightest and most durable battery ever. 

Taking advantage of the private and discreet rapid prototyping facilities of their local Eagle Lab they have utilised support from lab staff in prototyping their original product. 

Sensors, actuators and smart tools are exponentially growing in number. From healthcare to packaging, the technology is set to change our lives. Zinergy’s vision is to be at the heart of this growth, by being the source of power behind this revolution.

The innovative batteries will enable real ubiquitous printed electronics by providing a cost competitive and flexible power store for the Internet of Things

The battery innovation has three main parts, which each contribute to thin, light and durable batteries. Electrode formulations, thin, printed supercapacitors and thin, printed batteries are all developments which contribute to the unique product, which is tolerant to flexing.

These qualities make the batteries particularly suited to biomedical uses, tracking and for wearables. 

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