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A blogger's story, by Jordan Wright

Growth accelerators and co-working spaces are something that weren’t exactly featuring on many peoples radars at all a few years ago. When i joined the Cloudhelix team i had come from a different startup based in an office that was way too small joined with a hot desk at the E-Spark Brighton space above an RBS building.

Cloudhelix then relocated me to the Sussex Innovation Centre or ‘SINC’ for short, where I travelled all the way out to the Sussex University campus, next to the Brighton & Hove Albion AMEX Stadium. After only a couple of weeks it became clear this campus was not for me and that I would struggle with the whole relocation, so I requested to either begin working remotely from home or for a move of office completely.

So We Tried Brighton Eagle Labs…

And hot damn am I glad we did!

Right off the bat you’re greeted by Brian Sharkey the Brighton Lab Manager & Jon Paterson the Head Technician. You’re given a coffee, a complete tour and brief history of the building as well as Barclays mission with the ‘Eagle Labs’ overall, and what exactly they’re trying to achieve.

Within a week or two of that meeting, we had booked in to do work with nearly every single current occupant of the Brighton Eagle Lab after a few gentle introductions from Brian to get the ball rolling.

Soon enough we were working in their studio on a weekly basis, and quickly wanted to do our own video about the labs of both Brian and Jon as to really capture the energy of what they’ve shaped the place into becoming in the just under a year its been open so far.

Our Work Within The Eagle Labs Ever Since

To support the ethos that everyone here is in the same boat being startup’s, we at Cloudhelix decided to try promote ourselves as we moved into working primarily with people in the labs due to their amazingly positive response, by sponsoring a paid video production for every single new client we met as we built up to our own new website launch and company diversification stacking footage ready for the off in March-April time of 2017.

Since we’ve been introduced to Eagle Labs we’ve met and worked with:

This is Pod

One of the first through the doors at Brighton Eagle Labs and in turn one of the first to accept working with us on a video, the UX design company This is Pod. In turn through the equipment and skills available to them via the Brighton Eagle Labs they quickly became another business —

Burnt Axe

Who, now I think about it, we’ve done about 8 videos with in total hopefully with more to come. Whom I personally love shooting for with such a strong visual aesthetic to their brand in making custom designed etched guitars in the gnarliest way possible — with LASERS!

Team Pro

Ryk has created and runs a free app to support local football and sports league teams give their squad no matter how big or small a base to give themselves the professional edge, creating team sheets with line ups and formations for over 25+ different sports, even Quidditch!


Are a specialist insurance provider that started in the Labs and had actually already received heavy interest and funding enough to upscale into their own London office before we could had even moved in ourselves, however Michael Postle and team were yet another connection turned happy customer for our production team and we wish them the best of luck.

Maker Clubs

Are another fantastic example, starting in the Brighton Eagle Labs when we first met them, they have evolved into a full scale labs partner now, growing to every Eagle Lab in the UK nationally providing evening clubs for children emphasising the importance of learning coding, computing, robotics, electronics and tech from as earlier age as possible, the difference since our first video with them compared to our most recent is wild to think about doing a VR taster day for the kids one evening.


Richard Parr is a former Sky Sports News and Al Jazeera journalist that joined the Labs to make use of the fully equipped photo & video studio within the building. He runs a live stream across three different live platforms 5 days a week every single morning talking all things Football and sports, so we joined in to get a behind the scenes feel of what it’s like to embrace the newest video trends within Live broadcasting on social in 2017 alongside him and turned the camera on him afterwards.

"Would I Recommend The Brighton Eagle Labs? That's not really a question is it, the proof’s in the pudding."

Would I recommend The Brighton Eagle Lab? That's not really a question is it, the proof’s in the pudding.

Having met a huge number of great people, and with new businesses and events happening here more and more, i’m finding it pretty hard to give you a reason not to at least pop your head in the door and say hello.

Above is just six clients of what has been an literal torrent of connections, introductions and contacts made, and thats only in the last 4 months.

With the Eagle Labs Flight incubator program in conjunction with Creative England starting in 20th March for start ups to enter a structured program to gain funding for their business, they are only going to see more new faces coming through here, and we at Cloudhelix are excited to meet each and every one of them.

Brighton Eagle Lab

Barclays are investing in the future of the London Road area of Brighton & supporting businesses to embrace new and emerging technologies critical to the success of businesses in the UK.

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