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Jon Paterson

Lab Engineer, Barclays


I can’t believe it’s been 3 years, I can remember getting the keys the first week of January to an empty shell of a building and the plans we had to support businesses were put into action.

Year one I worked on some awesome projects getting myself out there and sharing my skills and knowledge with the people of Brighton.

Year two was cementing that with the businesses using the lab and all over the country.

And year three has been a storm! I am recognised on the street, people are coming in with amazing ideas and projects and I am able to work on things that are changing the lives of 1000’s of people.

So I wanted to end the year on a high and shout about some of the things I have done this year giving a shout out to some of those businesses that make it a real pleasure coming to work every day.

Martlets Hospice

Anyone in Brighton would be blind not to have noticed the snail take over for the last couple of months. Within my role I have been able to help Martlets upgrading 5 of their snails into Contactless tap to donate snails, fitting them with card readers to allow the donation of £3 by simply tapping a card on the snails head.


Supporting Garth and the Deckchair with a new camera system build, looking at how he could make it eaiser cheaper and better to get these out of the door.

Deckchair camera owners enjoy; more direct bookings, improved SEO, 400% increase in social engagement and spectacular, fresh, automated content the world wants to share


A local design and marketing company, Sarah the director has been using the space with support to create some truly interactive work.

Sarah strives to create what she calls 'Retail Theatre', in which dramatic and playful interactions work to engage the customer by enhancing their mood and overall brand experience.


The Green Centre

These guys were my charity of the year I have loved their work and supported them this year Vinyl wrapping not only the van they use for collections but their new Double decker bus to increase its impact as it drives around the city.

The Green Centre appeared on the streets of Brighton and Hove, at farmers' markets, at fairs and festivals, and schools and businesses throughout the county.

To name a few

There has been so many this year and I don’t expect that to stop next year we will have our brand new lab with look and feel, I have people knocking on the metaphorical door already from all over the UK working in partnership with my talented counterparts it’s an amazing job.

If you want to get in touch give me a call on 07880 183564 or email me on I would love to speak to you and see how we can help from the Brighton Lab.




Jon Paterson is based at Brighton Eagle Lab

Barclays are investing in the future of the London road area of Brighton & supporting businesses to embrace new and emerging technologies critical to the success of businesses in the UK.

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