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The Year of Engineering was a 2018 government campaign celebrating the world and wonder of engineering. From spaceships to ice skates, the bubbles in chocolate bars to lifesaving cancer treatment, engineering touches every part of our lives.

Eagle Lab Engineers are central to inspiring the next generation of innovators and problem solvers to help shape the future of the world we live in. Working in engineering is exciting, rewarding and creative and this focus year provided many opportunities to share this.

Our programme of events started in Bournemouth with Maker Workshops to celebrate Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Supported by Maker Club, the first workshop was an opportunity to build a wobblebot and then work out how to control the wobble movement. In the afternoon, some returning future engineers used a Micro:Bit  to code their own virtual pet before laser etching and cutting an animal face for their pet.

The Year of Engineering themes provided lots of scope to share how additive manufacturing and Industry4.0 contribute to making a difference. Through the summer of engineering our 3d printers were in schools, at careers fairs and summer fetes sharing the excitement of improving designs and rapidly working through iterations to prototype. It was incredible to meet and inspire so many young people, including two fabulous primary schools on the Isle of Man.

These experiences inspired the Eagle Lab Engineer team to volunteer to be part of the We Are Engineers Family Festival at the Science Museum in October. Over five days of the nine day festival Lab engineers facilitated the design and 3d printing of keyrings with more than 400 young people, discussing prototyping, additive manufacturing and solving problems with many more of the 50000 visitors to the festival. This was an amazing event to attend and a super opportunity for everyone to get hands on with the 3d printing process.

Through Tomorrow’s Engineers Week in November, the labs joined the Women’s Engineering Society #lottietour to promote the variety in engineering careers. Lottie explored not only digital fabrication for prototyping, but also found out about the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning for AI and using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Through 2019 Eagle Labs will continue to bring together thought leaders in these fields to share their knowledge.

If you are interested in understanding more about what our Eagle Lab Engineers do you can find out more here, or come and visit a maker space at your nearest lab.


Sharon Jones is based at Bournemouth Eagle Lab

Bournemouth is increasingly being recognised as one of the most significant locations in the UK digital economy outside London. Barclays are investing in the future of the town by supporting its drive to become an international Digital Hub, for Start ups and entrepreneurs alike.

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