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A blog entry by Flight business TeamPro is a set of free online tools that aims to let everyone share the same experiences as Premier League footballers. From under-7’s beginners, through hungover Sunday League warriors, to semi-professional players. Most notably in professional looking photo and video team sheets.

The services TeamPro offers today were never intended to be public, instead they were originally made to satisfy the need of one grassroots football manager.

Taking over the management of Kemptown FC, a local Sussex Sunday League team, TeamPro’s founder scoured the internet for some free tools that would help bring sports team management into the 21st century.

He wasn’t impressed.

So with a background in web design, he took matters into his own hands. Starting with a few simple web pages he built the foundation of what TeamPro is today.

The unexpected outcome was, when coaching a Kemptown youth team, one player had asked to see who was playing next Sunday. When they were shown the photo team sheet the whole group asked “How can I get into that team sheet?”, “Turn up every week & train hard, and you’ll be in the team”. From that moment, attendances were high every week, the kids were progressing really well and it was clear that these pages shouldn’t be kept private any more.

A year and a half later TeamPro is run by two grassroots enthusiasts out of an office in Brighton. With over 51,000 users spread across the entire world.

Offering photo & video team sheets, automated squad management via email & soon SMS and a place to keep track of all appearance, goal and assists stats TeamPro does it’s best to have every aspect of team management covered.

Following a surge of Semi-Professional clubs using the service TeamPro has now launched 6 products, supporting sports clubs from Grassroots all the way to Professional. Always remaining free for amateurs, but providing extra premium services to clubs that require them.

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