Under the Spotlight:

Lenka Koppova

In our new Under the Spotlight, we ask Cambridge member and social media expert Lenka Koppova some disturbingly difficult questions...

What is your favourite website?

Probably Twitter! Even though I use it a lot for work, I have a lot of fun there too!

In 140 characters or less, describe your business

I’m helping small businesses and start-ups with social media, focusing on brand awareness, customer service and community building.

What was the motivation to start your business?

There were two things. The first was being unhappy in my previous job (Community Management for a Social Media agency); being made to feel that what I was producing wasn't good enough and that I was under-performing. The second reason? There weren’t any Social Media consultants willing to take little income in order to help small businesses and start-ups; the micro-companies struggling with tiny budgets in need of help which would enable them to shoot off to the sky!

What are some of the recurring challenges you face on a daily basis, and how do you overcome them?

Not having enough time… or enough hands! There are lots of things running a business that need to be done everyday: checking emails, speaking to potential and existing clients, bookkeeping and all of the administration stuff! To overcome these, I partner with other people; small businesses, freelancers etc where we can use a skill-exchange system. For example, I would do some social media for them, and in exchange they would help with my invoices.

What is the most underrated Social Media tool for businesses and why?

There is one tool for Twitter (most businesses should be on Twitter anyway!) but a lot of companies are overwhelmed by the speed at which Twitter operates, and they feel like they don’t have the time to use it properly. There is one amazing tool called Tweet Jukebox - you put all your timeless tweets in it, and it automates them. Used right, the tool is great for evergreen content, giving you more time to do spontaneous tweets.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Eagle Labs?

There are so many things! I love having a space to work that’s not my room and my bed! The location is great; we’re so close to the city centre but far enough away that it doesn’t feel crowded. The coffee, the amounts of events being hosted here and the community and social atmosphere - I love it here!

Describe your perfect holiday getaway

Hiking or exploring historical places along the coast. I don’t care about which country, but preferably somewhere south of England where the water is better for swimming. I just love the smell of the sea!

A slightly less serious question to end on: What is the number one song on your jogging playlist?

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. No matter how tired I am, no matter how bad I feel, if this song is on I can immediately feel the energy within me building up!

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