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We grabbed our newest Birmingham Eagle Lab residents, Maria and Stan from Omawake, for a quick chat. See what they had to say when we put them under the spotlight...

Firstly welcome to Birmingham Eagle Lab, how are you settling in so far?

Really well, we are especially pleased with Barclays. The team is very supportive to us with everything. They are always able to offer support or will put you in touch with the right people – we genuinely weren’t expecting this kind of support.

What do you like most about working from the Eagle Lab?

Firstly the co-working space, it’s a really cool building and the people here are all very friendly and open to offering support. When we were working from home before moving here we’d sometimes feel unmotivated to work but in this atmosphere we can really bounce off each other and this brings our energy levels up! It’s great to be able to ask questions to anyone in the lab and collaborate, and also learn from other people’s experiences. We definitely think our business is growing faster by being in this environment.

Can you tell us a bit more about Omawake?

It’s an online booking platform for holistic health treatments and events, which connects people with complementary practitioners. The best way to describe it is TripAdvisor and EventBrite brought together for holistic wellness.

And what make you so passionate about this industry?

Overall our goal is to raise the holistic health awareness - our slogan is ‘Awake your body, mind and spirit’. We are both practitioners and have been practicing for many years. We found that there isn’t currently an online platform which allows you to locally search and book complementary treatments and therapies. Since working at the Eagle Lab we have been running a Yoga session on Friday mornings with other residents which has been going down a storm!

As a yoga expert – Is there a position called The Eagle?

Yes – It’s one of our favourite yoga positions! 

Stan, describe Maria in 5 words: 

I only need three – She’s Always Right. As our CEO we can’t argue with her!

Maria – now your turn, describe Stan:

Focused, Patient, Passionate, Smart and Funny (sometimes!)

For further information take a look at Omawake

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