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Joe Robinson, Move it or Lose it

Hi Joe, can you please summarise Move it or Lose it for us?

We specialise in exercise for the over 60s market, offering fitness classes and a range of fitness products; we have books, DVDs and resistance bands amongst other things. In fact, our DVDs are award winning – we won 'Fitness Newcomer' on Ideal World in 2014.

So what is your background and what made you get involved with this company?

I studied Sport and Exercise Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, before completing a Masters degree at Sheffield Hallam University in the same field but with a focus on strength and conditioning.

I was then fortunate to be able to get involved with the world of professional football. I worked as a sports science intern at Crystal Palace FC for 2 years, before moving on to work for West Ham United and then finally Stoke City.

Move it or lose it is a growing, family business. The time was right for both me personally and the stage the business had reached to join on a full-time basis.

As it is a fitness company, I’ll word this question accordingly. What position do you play at move it or lose it?

I am the Director of Training and Development. I manage the e-learning platform and help design the training programmes (which allow me to use my knowledge from University and pro football). But at the moment I am primarily focused on developing an app that will enable us to communicate with our customers, sharing with them our latest blogs, news, videos and useful tips. It also helps them track the progression of both their mental and physical wellbeing after starting our programme.

Tell me one, non-sport related thing about yourself.

I can speak Spanish! 

After family holidays in Spain I decided to teach myself the language. I thought I had a strong grasp of the language, so while I was at Uni I enrolled on an exchange scheme; we were partnered with somebody from Spain and I went to stay with him for two weeks. During a large family meal, and after an hour of sitting at a dinner table laughing and smiling at what I thought were the right points, I realised that I wasn’t as proficient as I believed. This wake up call prompted me to then use DVDs and CDs to bring it up to scratch and having a Mexican girlfriend for a bit helped as well.

What is 'Eagle Lab' in Spanish?

Laboratorio Apuila. 

What do you like about working from the Eagle Lab?

There is such a friendly and supportive environment, having other businesses there to sound ideas off is brilliant and the Barclays staff are very supportive. Oh and of course the free coffee is a bonus!

For further information take a look at Move it or Lose it

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