Under the Spotlight:

Indi Deol

From fashion design to award winning business, Indi Deol has done it all. We find out more as we put him under the spotlight...

So Indi can you tell us a bit about DESIblitz?

DESIblitz started in 2008, it’s an online magazine focused on British Asian lifestyle content. I realised there was a need from an online magazine like ours because I could hardly find any content online for UK audience about British Asian lifestyle – all the content was coming from India, Pakistan or USA. I also wanted to tackle a lot of the more sensitive issues around British Asian lifestyle like arranged marriage, domestic violence and other similar subjects, which were not being explored at all within our UK based Asian lifestyle magazines.

You’ve been with us for a few months now, what do you like most about working from the Eagle Lab?

It’s a fun environment. The Barclays staff here are nice to be around, very helpful and have helped put us in touch with other organisations. It’s a nice working environment, everyone collaborates and are very social. It’s also an ideal location near the city centre too.

Tell us more about your latest business venture.

So I have recently launched DESIBlitz Job Board because over the years we have always been sent CVs. It started off to be mainly related to media jobs, journalism etc, but lately over the last few years its grown to anything from admin, finance to fashion design. We’ve always sent these on to organisations who have been looking for people and talent. One day it clicked – We know all these businesses are trying to recruit people and we are getting all theses CVS from our readers – makes sense to create our own job board and add value to our advertisers. Our job board focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Where do you see DESIBlitz in the next 5 years? 

I’d like to see us being a British Asian household name for online content and grow our business offerings into various different sectors serving British Asian needs.

Ok, so now for the serious question - Who would play you in ‘The Life of Indi’?

Robert De Niro

How come?

Because he’s got that hard edge about him but he’s a big softy.

Tell us something we don’t know about you (keep it clean) 

I studied fashion design at university. I was always good at art from school and pursued this at university, although it’s not want I work in today, I don’t regret it!

For further information take a look at desiblitz

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