Under the Spotlight:

Elizabeth Nurthen, Community Associate at Chesterton Road, Cambridge

Elizabeth is one of our Community Associates here, and as well as her bubbly personality and desire to go above and beyond to help our members, we delve into what makes our cheery Aussie so suited for the role…

What is a Community Associate?

As well as running events, I work with my team to maintain the site make sure all our members are happy and they have everything they need. I'm also responsible for each guest and members experience and first impression of the Labs. 

What sort of events do you help to organise at the Eagle Labs?

I help organise our internal events like Beer and pizza, Early Bird and Soaring Minds Breakfasts. I help out with the catering - setting up MYOB (Make Your Own Bagels) at our breakfasts is one of my favourite things to do and running of the overall events. 


What has been your favourite event so far?

I would have to say the Eagle Labs launch night. It was the first big event I helped out with at the Lab and was a great experience to be a part of. The whole atmosphere that night was incredible... oh and the food was amazing! 


What brought you to the UK?

I just needed a change of scenery! I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone and do something that was different. I wanted to find my way in a country that wasn't my own. I love Australia, but I've always wanted to live in the UK, and I thought "why not do it now?"


What is the best thing about working at the Eagle Labs?

The people, and the fact I get to see everyone's smiling faces walking through the door every day. I love the idea of being the first impression someone has on this space. I never get sick of telling people how amazing our little community is. 

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