Under the Spotlight:

Clare Herrald

In this Under The Spotlight, legal operations paralegal and vital member of the Wavelength team, Clare Harreld gives us a glimpse into her psyche through our taxing quick-fire questions.

For those of us who don't know, what does a paralegal do? We support solicitors with administration, research, client care etc Can I change this a little to – Paralegal roles differ in every firm and what they do. I am a Legal Operations Paralegal at Wavelength so support my team with reviewing and drafting documents, research, client care, meeting clients, learning about new technologies and general administration and secretarial duties.

How did you become part of the Wavelength team?

I used to work with Drew and Pete at Taylor Vinters, when they left, I also left to go and work in Newmarket in a completely different sector. Two months into this I decided I really missed working in Law. I messaged Pete saying "could you write me a reference for my CV?" and he replied saying "I would be happy to, but why don't you come and work for us instead?!"

What would you do to assist a stressed out solicitor about to go to trial?

The job of a Commercial Lawyer is to keep our clients out of court so we don’t really go to trial very often, if at all, but I would make sure that they were organised, because solicitors are notorious for being disorganised! I'd make sure they had everything they needed, arrange everything including transport and then I'd probably make them a cup of tea...

What do you enjoy most about working at the Eagle Labs?

I like that it's really buzzy - there's loads of different firms here, and its got a nice atmosphere in that sense!

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon

I'd say going for a nice long walk in the countryside with Carter and my fiancé, hopefully finding a nice pub along the way for a cheeky Sunday afternoon drink.

Have you ever won any money at the Newmarket Races?

YES! Only once though; I'm really unlucky! I think I won £30 from £5 which is pretty good for me. It was the last race of the day and I got so excited!

This is a bit of an existential question. Jack Nicholson once famously said "You want the truth? You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth!". Can you handle the truth?

Yes I can handle the truth, I work in law so I can definitely handle the truth, I seek the truth.

Your surname is Harreld; if you could meet one famous Harold, which one would it be and why?

There isn't many is there?!

There's Harold from Neighbours... King Harold... Harold Ramis?

I don't know who that is!

He plays Egon in the Ghostbusters films...

Yeah... I don't know who that is! I'll go with King Harold - because he's royal!

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