We introduce to you Lab Member, Wim Nelen from Singlerulebook. Wim discusses how he started off and what the future holds for his business.

Your favorite quote?  

There can't be a crisis next week, my schedule is already full. (Kissinger)

Advice to an entrepreneur starting out? 

Work on something that really interests you. If you could do absolutely anything, what would you be doing?

Your favorite entrepreneur?

All entrepreneurs have my respect. 

What is your company’s mission?

To make the jobs of counsel working in financial regulation more interesting and rewarding. We're boosting productivity through visualisation and collaboration.

How did you start off and when? 

I worked as financial regulator for many years. I loved the job but wanted a bit more action and exposure to state of the art technology. So I switched to a Head of Regulation role in a fast growing high-frequency trading firm. Once there I started working with the developers to automate my team's workload. That quickly grew into automation work for other teams. I see what I do now as a natural extension of that work but across a whole sector. I had a few productivity ideas for my team that would scale across the whole sector,'s visualisation and collaboration product was one of them. It's a product that I wish I had when I was working with financial regulation. 

I knew Stefan from his previous start up Ancoa. Before that he also had a speech technology company. We started exchanging ideas and prototyping towards the end of 2018. I gave these prototypes to a few Heads of Legal and Compliance in my network and at the end of May 2019 the first of these firms wanted to become a client, we incorporated and launched our product. 

Where is Singlerulebook at in the business journey now? 

Our product is now clearly fitted to market and we've onboarded an initial set of law firm, regulatory consultancy and in-house legal and compliance teams as clients. We're now expanding the team in order to support European expansion. We're comfortably bootstrapping from sales but are starting to consider if we should take investor money to grow faster.  

What does the future hold for your company – what are your plans?

What’s the next big challenge? We're mostly known for our intuitive interactive visualisation of regulations. These visualisations actually sit on top of a highly scalable IT architecture and we're very excited to start applying more advanced NLP / AI techniques to the combination of regulatory texts and interpretations that we host in our product. This will further enhance the search function and our ability to structure information without friction or implementation work. 

As an Entrepreneur what tips do you have for entrepreneurs starting out on their journey. 

Work on something that really interests you. If you could do absolutely anything, what would you be doing?

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