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Balraj Singh

Eagle Lab Manager, Eagle Lab Notting Hill Gate


We were filming for Eagle Lab TV, discussing the great work at Notting Hill Gate the first industry in-line Lab.

Shara Gibbons Eco System Manager here at Notting Hill Gate was discussing the emphasis of providing a platform for our law-tech residents and future plans to continue the great relationship with Legal partners and the whole Eagle lab.

Camera interview

We also spoke to Vasilis 'pictured' A.I Software engineer from Legal Utopia and the developments and progress of the venture.

Tomasz from Law Panel discussed the great work they have done and also how the Eagle Lab had supported the venture presently and going forward.


Balraj Singh is based at Shoreditch Eagle Lab

Barclays Eagle Lab Notting Hill Gate is a dedicated centre of excellence for LawTech businesses to transform the legal industry.

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