Sensory Wine Tasting in Edinburgh

Nikki takes us on a journey long the Wine Tube Map

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Jon Paterson

Lab Engineer, Barclays


This week I have been working from the Edinburgh lab with the team from the north and had a great time Thursday night was time for the “Sensory Wine Tasting” along the Wine tube map.

The WineTubeMap, is an easy way to explore the wine shelves without the risk of getting something you really don’t like. Whether you are new to wine, stuck in a wine rut or a keen explorer, the map can help you find yourself a new tipple. It even works if you are buying a gift for someone if you know what they like. Just pick a wine station that you know, and travel one stop for the most similar wines. Each line represents a different flavour theme, so travel along with confidence!

Nikki started by telling us all how to taste, smell and drink wine, it’s harder than you think! And then set us on the journey but with a difference.

Table 1

Was a white German wine, Wine and spice are not always comfortable bed fellows, but the aromatics of these wines, combined with a hint of sweetness, means most of this zone can cope with a dose of chilli. Think of the wines in this zone as the equivalent of a palate-cleansing dollop of apple sauce required with dishes like roast pork or mackerel.

Table 2

Was a Deeper white wine more flavour, on this table we were seeing how music made a wine taste different, playing two different tracks to see how our brains picked up and changed the flavour.

Table 3

Was a Rose with a difference, Drinking wine before being whisked away to a VR beach feeling the virtual sun hearing the waves and really experiencing the wine like you were there.

Table 4

Light reds, eaten with goats cheese popcorn. With a Malbec which is everybody’s new favourite, because of its dark, smooth, up-front fruit with the potential for some firm tannins. Its spiritual home is Argentina, even though it is traditionally grown in the South West of France, it is the principal grape in Cahors, where it has a reputation for being mouth-stickingly tannic.

Table 5

Full body kicking red wine served with mini sausage rolls. This wine was an Ara Pinot Noir which is full of cherries, raspberries with a savoury finish. If you are a fan of Red Burgundy then explore this New World station... you may well find a new favourite.

Table 6

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere. The grapes used make a difference to the flavour, Cava can be made with the champagne grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which gives the wines a more familiar flavour, or local Spanish grapes like Xarel-lo which give the wine an earthier flavour which some people don’t like.


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