Salford Eagle Lab helping drive 3D printing for medical procedures

Salford Eagle Lab had the pleasure of a visit from Salford Royal Hospital.  It was great to discuss how 3D printing can help shape future pre and post operations and how the Eagle Labs can help drive this innovative thinking.

The Lab recently acquired 2 new additions to the family: an acrylic resin printer (a 3D Systems MJP 2500) and a gypsum powder printer (3D Systems 660Pro) and were keen to showcase the new capabilities.

The thinking was it would be appropriate to 3D print this skull for the visitors from the hospital. At roughly a quarter the size of a real human skull, the intricate details from these new machines is just as frighteningly amazing as the skull itself!
The application of 3D printing anatomy will allow for far greater research to be carried out leading up to an operation and also enable specialists to test future concepts for A&E trauma victims in a speedy fashion, possibly changing the way we perform A&E instant operations.


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