Rapid Prototyping:
Rocket Lamp by The Laser Loft Dorset

Laser cut correx lamp

Chris Gladwin and James Robinson are entrepreneurs combining starting a new business with being the primary caregivers for their young families. Having previously owned a laser cut model business, they were surprised to be told by local laser cutting firms that it was not possible to cut correx (a fluted plastic sheet).

After searching online, Jamie and Chris found Bournemouth Eagle Lab and joined the technician there for a machine induction. Just a few minutes of experimentation found suitable settings to cut the correx, and see how it could be used to create bespoke lightshades. Additionally, the start-up was able to see a range of materials and to book machine time when it fitted around their schedule.

It was a matter of a few days before LightIn was born and a range of laser cut lights was developed. With advice from connections made at the lab, Chris and Jamie have moved onto setting up their business and exploring CE marking. They continued to develop and refine their designs, using the lab facilities to prototype and test the quality of materials supplied.

Finally, having confirmed the possibilities, and knowing that advice was close to hand, the team have invested in their own laser cutter and premises and set up their business online. The Laser Loft creates bespoke and contemporary home decor, arts, crafts and gifts for all occasions.  Their eyecatching prototype rocket lamp, created from correx, has been further developed to meet health and safety requirements and is just one of many products you can find on

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