Renegade Fortress and Mixed Reality

Who is Renegade Fortress and what is Mixed Reality?

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Greg Wray

Director/Designer, Renegade Fortress


Renegade Fortress is a start-up software development studio based in Salford, that have been specifically developing mixed reality applications for the past 2 years.

Mixed reality is one of the new immersive technologies that has been growing alongside other technologies, like Virtual reality and Augmented Reality. It has been around for the past 3 or so years in a commercial environment for developers thanks to the Microsoft and their HoloLens Device.

What this technology enables us to do is to bring virtual objects in to the real world, integrating them to the environment. For example, it would be possible to have a virtual ball, and to throw it onto a real wall. the virtual ball would bounce off the wall, around the room, and onto the floor to come to a rest, just like a real ball. This is due to the headset or devices understanding the environments properties.

Let’s take another example which could be used in a real-world scenario, imagine a highly skilled surgeon working on a patient in an operation. The vitals and relevant information of the patient are not only being displayed on a machine, or on various paper documents in the theatre, but virtualised on the patient around the area where the surgeon is directly working. This would make the make the surgery quicker due to the information being recalled in an easier manner, and with voice and hand gestures avoid contamination by handling objects.

The information of the surgery could be broadcasted live to other medical staff or students to make their own analysis of the situation, or to use it for training later on in the future using the data it’s gathered.

We chose to work with this technology because from the examples mentioned above, we see the possibilities this will have on the way we interact with information, on a daily basis for everyone.

Most people today have a smart device of some sort, either a phone or tablet that has many functions that people rely on a daily basis, making certain tasks easier or holding information you would normally remember, essentially becoming an extension of our lives.

With this technology we can be free of being restricted to a secular screened device, and have that information around us as we see fit.


Greg Wray is based at Salford Eagle Lab

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