Rapid Prototyping:
Redweb Labs Haiku Camera

Redweb Labs are the innovation team of the UK based digital agency with innovation at their heart. The focus of the team is to explore, experiment and excite.

With improvements in cognitive computing and increasingly impressive APIs available, Redweb Labs decided it was time to create a camera that could describe what it saw rather than print a picture. They define creativity as ‘having ideas’ and innovation as ‘making those ideas happen’. Through rapid prototyping they have probed and played with emerging technology to decipher emerging trends. These services are continuing to learn and develop, and often unexpected results have crept in.

Custom plastic casing

The Haiku camera is built from a Raspberry Pi Zero, Pi camera module, Adafruit thermal printer, two port USB battery pack and various smaller components. This required a custom case designed to fit all of the components within but which still allowed access for updates, improvements and repairs. Having heard about Barclays Eagle Labs, Head of innovation, David Burton, visited the Bournemouth maker space to prototype the casing. After an initial adjustment to accommodate all of the wiring and the addition of side struts to add protection, the Haiku Camera was built.

The Haiku Camera has been out around town and some of the results have been surprisingly good. Taking a photograph of one of the lab’s 3D printers gained the result:

It could be sky
perhaps cloud and reflection
atmosphere is gone

Haiku Camera Logo

Further haikus and the pictures that inspired them can be seen on twitter @haikucamera

Redwebs Lab are now working on a sister app that will let anyone send in a photograph to the Haiku Camera and receive poetry back. However, they believe cognitive services are becoming so good there are plenty of possibilities to use them in client work, whether it is automatically generating image alt text or real time translation of video playback.

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