Rapid Prototyping:
May 3D printed skills be with you

A short time ago in a town pretty close by, a Trooper discovered damage to his foot armour. Determined to avoid scavengers, and a long way from his home planet, he sought a repair base able to prototype and produce suitable replacements. 

Formed in 2006 and based in Bournemouth, Dorset Troopers are an all voluntary non-profit costume group. Using film-based costumes they raise awareness and monies for various charity groups. This year their main focus is Julia’s House Children’s Hospice.

Having encountered the Bournemouth Maker Space through the BFX festival, Dave Benham sought out the lab technician, Sharon, for support in replacing the broken piece of armour. It turned out that Eagle Labs was the place he was looking for, as the part was measured, drawn and imported into slicing software, before being 3D printed. 

Although the part required painting and weathering, Dave is back in full armour and raising money with the Dorset Troopers, beginning with a troop at the Empire Cinema, Tower Park. You can find out more at Dorset Troopers on Facebook and Twitter.

To become a 3D printing Master, why not book your machine induction, or visit the Bournemouth Eagle Lab 

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DORSET TROOPERS are unofficial non-profit making organisation and web site by UK Star Wars fans providing features, making and wearing fan-made costumes and other articles for like-minded fans. © DORSET TROOPERS.

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