Rapid Prototyping:
Calligraphy Addressing Guide

Tom Gyr creates beautiful calligraphy holders using a Myford lathe. Being married to a calligrapher, he states he is amazed by the skills, dedication and resulting beauty that comes from the hours she puts in. 

“I want to make pens that you will feel proud of using every day, with every detail considered, lovingly crafted from materials that will last several lifetimes.” 

Having previously used the lab to prototype some packaging for his handcrafted tools, he returned in March to experiment with an addressing stencil. Although calligraphers usually use guidelines under their paper, this is not possible with envelopes.

Therefore, Tom has designed a stencil that enables marks to guide both lines and strokes. After some experimentation with materials, he identified suitable products that work with his current product line.

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Using the rapid prototyping facilities at Bournemouth Eagle Lab, Tom has been able to evolve his design and find the perfect dimensions for his product. Not only this, but his time in the Maker Space has enabled him to make connections with a block foil printing company and to offer support to a budding author.

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