Rapid Prototyping:
Pingit Token

Digitalising fund-raising

Barclays colleagues are using the rapid prototyping facilities and expertise within the labs to solve problems for clients and customers. 

In the world of UX development, testing new products can be difficult, particularly where transactions are involved, or where concepts are not yet fully developed. Rapid prototyping enables you to create functioning prototypes and simulations for these scenarios.

The aim of this product was to produce a facility whereby charities could digitalise their approach when raising fund from the general public, whether on the High Street or a particular event. Starting with a hand-drawn image Salford Lab at The Landing in MediaCityUK, created a physical representation of a charitable donation device for user testing, devised by Pingit.

The top part is a laser cut handheld device that enables donators to tap their contactless debit or credit card and send funds directly to the chosen charity via Pingit. The base is 3d printed, and houses a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a PN532 NFC breakout from Adafruit. Dummy contactless cards have also been created using blanks and vinyl so that the programmed device simulates donations with contactless payment.

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