Ojo Rojo

Ojo Rojo is a new restaurant in Bournemouth offering some tasty twists on Mexican street food and drink. Their specialties are tacos and mezcal and they deliver with a creativity that is unique on the Bournemouth scene.

Opened in March 2016, owners Trevor Hill and John Adams have gone to great lengths to make sure every little detail at Ojo Rojo reflects their spirit, passion and creativity… from the food to the interior design to the fixtures and fittings.

Ojo Rojo’s interior decor is earthy with plenty of rough cut wood, mood lighting and casual seating. Upstairs a wonderful metal tree installation illuminates the dining area in the evenings. Local street artists and students from Arts University Bournemouth were drafted in to help bring the new restaurant to life, including specially commissioned works of art, crockery, installations and their 3D modeled door handles.

Where little details matter:

Trevor recently visited our Eagle Lab in Bournemouth to laser cut the intricate Ojo Rojo logo into their food & drink menu boards. It’s yet another example of a special little detail, that when combined, helps to deliver a really special customer experience.

Photography credit: Nick Free Photography

A wooden table with 2 wooden clipboard menus, a glass of water and cutlery laid out.

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