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Meet the AroundThen Founders - Connecting Co-workers by Proximity

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Ken Mawbey

Founder & CEO, AroundThen Ltd


Looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Eagle Labs community, either in person or online via this portal. We are based in the recently launched Reading Eagle Lab and are cohorts in the inaugural Flight Accelerator programme here. As our first post, here's a brief introduction to AroundThen and this short 'Meet the Founders' video. 



We believe networking within the workplace is as relevant and important as external networking. Enterprise employees and co-workers are often unaware who is at their office and what they do, resulting in opportunities for collaboration and network building being missed. This is especially the case in hot-desking and co-working environments, as well as when visiting other offices and attending events. When travelling between offices and staying in hotels, it's not an uncommon experience to spend an evening alone in a hotel restaurant / bar, not realising you could have shared the evening with a co-worker staying in the same hotel or even sitting right next to you.

The AroundThen app provides proximity-enabled networking between employees and co-workers at offices, events and when on business travel. The app uses Bluetooth proximity between mobiles to enable users to view and connect via LinkedIn, as well as leading Enterprise Social Networking online tools, such as Microsoft Yammer and Facebook Workplace.

AroundThen has been extensively proven within the external events industry, having being used at events with hundreds of attendees and gaining significant industry recognition. 

We are now focusing on the exciting opportunity for AroundThen to enhance networking and collaboration within large Corporate Enterprises and Co-working spaces such as Eagle Labs. If you'd like to use AroundThen in the labs to make it easy to get to know fellow members in person, we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, Ken

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