We have our winners

We're delighted to announce the winners of the MyMiniFactory and Barclays Eagle Labs #enabledby3d competition...

1st Prize, selected by Barclays Accessibility & Inclusion Team:
Glifo, by Luca Toscano

"Since we showed the project for the first time, we received great appreciation from families all over the world. 

"We entered the competition because at the moment GLIFO is part of the brand "UNICO - The Other Design", a new platform developed by Opendot and TOG Fundation, which both work in Milan. UNICO is basically a collection of design objects and rehabilitation tools made in a maker perspective, designed by makers, designers, therapists, kids with disabilities and families. These products include for example a CNC tailor-made bicycle and other devices that help kid's rehabilitation. One of the main feature of all UNICO objects its the aestethic value, vehicle to foster social inclusion and making them as unique as the product we specifically design for them. 

"Glifo during this summer has been redesigned in order to fix some issues and we are very close to the beta testing phase. After that, with the necessary funds, we will start the production line and an interactive platform will be realized in order to satisfy the need of every future customer.

"We applied to the competition because with a dedicated new 3D printer we can make the production faster and much more effective. But mostly we will use the Ultimaker machine to spread and share our product on a larger scale, enabling everyone who need it to use it! "

- Luca Toscano

“For users young or old, this idea offers something universally applicable. The fact that it’s completely customisable is also a great feature; whether it’s colour choice, dial design or stem personalisation - we also like the fact that this comes with two different grip options. The fact that it could hold a stylus as easily as a pencil makes it even more appealing in a modern world. Congratulations to the winning team”

- Kathryn Townsend, Head of Customer & Client Accessibility, Barclays

Find out more about Luca's design and download the 3d printable objects.

Community Prize, with 359 votes:
Accurater Nozzle for Finger, by Francois Jaffres

"I had the idea to create this object when I was with my parents-in-law. They were trying to push on a single button of the remote control but they didn't manage at the first try (because they are shaking a bit, and their finger are not very thin). When I receive my FlashForge Finder 3d printer, I will print this object first and give it to my parents-in-law."

"Concerning the object itself, the best is to have the 'dimensions' of the finger of the people in order to best fit him/her."

Francois Jaffres

"Working with Barclays Eagle Labs on this competition has been a great opportunity to see what our design community can do when it comes to helping people out with every day tasks. We've been impressed by the thought and effort put into all the designs and choosing a winner was not an easy task! Congratulations to our winners with their entry- "Glifo" which embodied the spirit of this competition through its innovative design and simplicity, making it perfect for desktop 3D printing. We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone else who participated, and look forward to seeing more of your creations in future!"

Rees Calder, MyMiniFactory

Find out more about Francois' design and download the 3d printable objects.

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