Meet a Maker (Sarah Dare) How Dare She.

Shop Window Display Extraordinaire.

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Jon Paterson

Lab Engineer, Barclays


Sarah first started coming to the Lab in Brighton to just find out how to use the Laser cutter and develop her new range of window displays. After nearly two year myself and her have worked on some truly awesome projects and continue to learn from each other.

I Bring the tech side and fast thinking easy ways to do things and Sarah the overall design and ideas. It’s a great working relationship Sarah will book time with me and come along with a collection of ideas, not 100% sure of how they are going to work in the end and we get to prototyping.

Sarah works predominately with opticians a sector of the retail market who have always had very bland displays. What HowDareShe produces brings clients in and has seen a massive increase in footfall overall to the shops she works with.

One of the latest projects we have worked on is moving art tying IOT devices into custom artwork to create some very cool looking art.

Here are three of the frames she made to make for local opticians and some of her other works.

Check out more of Sarah's work at her website or head on over to her Instagram where she is always posting her creations @howdareshe.


Jon Paterson is based at Brighton Eagle Lab

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