Lights... Camera... Prototype!

Gareth Edwards - founder of Is a Brighton based company that build the worlds most advanced webcams, capturing 4k time-lapse images that are stored indefinitely whilst streaming video. We work for tourism boards, hotels, cruise ships, visitor attractions, construction companies and many, many more.

Our cameras are installed by customers in the hottest countries in the world like Oman, to the coldest countries in the world, like Tromsø in the arctic circle - they also experience the best and the worst of the worlds weather and usually do so from the rooftop of skyscraper or the masts of cruise ships crossing the Atlantic ocean.

With new ambitions and aims to capture the best possible video under the most extreme conditions, we couldn’t continue working with our existing factories that managed our construction process, especially with the prototyping and R&D required - so we decided to bring it back in house.

This was a huge risk looking at our stock levels, as we had 8 weeks to research, develop, prototype, test and start a production build process.

We quickly stumbled on small things - with minimal machinery available, this meant we had to send designs to companies and await for them to fabricate and post them to us - almost instantly we'd be needing a second or third iteration. It became quickly apparent that we needed hands on access to tools and crucially experienced staff available to guide our design and find ways to fabricate it on available machinery.

We looked around and there was only one clear localised solution that provided both the machinery and expertise we required - Barclays Eagle Lab, Brighton.

We headed over, had a grand tour of the space and decided within hours that this was the right place for us to build our new products, from prototype to production.

We are currently 4 weeks in to our 8 week deadline, we have cut, drilled, lasered and 3d printed. We've tested countless materials and iterated the design of certain parts of our system over 7 times. We can iterate quickly, and easily - we design what we want, walk to the laser to cut it, watch it being cut, take it out, test it and within 10 minutes we are able to work on the next iteration.

We've fabricated components and structures that simply don't exist off the shelf, we've innovated, we've reverse engineered and we've finally got a working prototype that is on track to meet our goal of being 50% lighter and smaller. It's jam packed with the latest technology, whilst also being fully resilient in marine environments.

We have four weeks left to be in the throws of production and I, Gareth Edwards a founder of, strongly believe we'll be building our new cameras within the Eagle Lab until scale prohibits us, the facilities and the staff here have been invaluable assets for our growth over this stage of our business and are unmatched in this region.

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