Legal Utopia

Legal Utopia was founded in 2017 to develop an artificial intelligence solution to enable access to legal guidance and support in the UK. We obtained private investment and funding from the European Regional Development Fund in early 2018 and partnered with the University of Westminster in our solutions research and development.

Legal Utopia is a technology company that is dedicated to building solutions to enable greater access to justice. 

Our business focuses on delivering solutions that are the first of their kind in the state of the art, and specifically delivered to legal consumers based on our consumer research.

Your favourite quote?

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill 

Advice to an entrepreneur starting out?

Never stop learning.

Your favourite entrepreneur?

Richard Branson.

What is your company’s mission?

Legal Utopia is a technology company that is dedicated to building solutions to enable greater access to justice.

Biggest challenges to get where you are today?

Faith and confidence in doing something different. 

How did you start off and when? 

We started in 2017 by undertaking market research and developing a business plan that could deliver on a broad concept, since we've snowballed into what we are today.

Where is Legal utopia at in the business journey now?

We are preparing for our first SaSS launch into the legal technology business to consumer space later this year and have plans to reveal subsequent platform and product launches thereafter. 

How has Eagle Labs supported you?

Legal Utopia has been supported by having access to a co-working space with other like-minded start-ups each seeking to change an industry differently. 

What has been the biggest impact the Lab has had on your company?

Legal Utopia has been able to work with Barclays via Eagle Labs to launch its first University LawTech Eagle Labs at Westminster Law School, the University of Westminster which enables legal technology to thrive in higher education and inspire entrepreneurialism to law. 

What does the future hold for your company – what are your plans? What’s the next big challenge?

Whilst preparation continues for our product launch; we're currently approaching a £500K equity fundraise later this year.   

As an Entrepreneur what tips do you have for entrepreneurs starting out on their journey?

Listen, but make your own decisions. Most importantly, take ownership of those decisions.

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