Laser etched 2x12 guitar cab

Tom from BurntAxe had always wanted to make his own guitar speaker cabinet, so here at Brighton Eagle Lab we decided to test the absolute limits of the laser machine and build his dream cabinet.

The entire outer edge has been laser cut and etched to perfection, and you can see a few examples of it. Normally, front grills are extremely expensive so it was decided to go straight to the source and laser cut out the unique design ready to inlay the Burntaxe logo.

Fitting the pieces together was made all the easier by ensuring all the parts were laser cut with precision. However, laser cutting the pieces out wasn't enough and the design was enhanced further by etching all of the outer edges to give the cabinet a completely unique look.

The final flourish was to install a pair of Celestion G12k-100's, which will make for a beastly 200watt 16ohm guitar cab. Tom will be plugging his Peavey 5150 into the logo at the back of this cab!

Get in touch with Barclays Eagle Lab Brighton if you'd like a cabinet as custom and unique as this.

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