Tell us more about your company?

KYMIRA® is a smart clothing company that combine medical device technologies with every day clothing, making the use of their life saving and life changing technologies as simples as getting dressed in the morning.

What is your company’s mission?

To save lives! Through the strategic development of interlinked research strands, our realised technologies will help KYMIRA® make tomorrow a cleaner, safer, healthier world.

What’s different about your company / product?

As well as our products, our business model is also different. By combining brands that address different regulated and non-regulated markets, we are able to customer fund a large portion of our research. Rather than relying on external financing alone.

How did you start off and when?

In 2013, when I was finishing my BSc (hons) at the University of Reading. The final installment of my student maintenance loan was the company’s seed capital.

Where is your company at in its business journey now?

We have products selling across the globe and are starting to really help people! We are transitioning from start up to scale up and last year maintained strong income growth (86%).

What have been your biggest challenges to get where you are today?

Scaling the team, not due to a lack of talent, but more because we did it too late. We are getting on track now, but it always comes back to managing resources.

What are you most excited about in working at Reading Eagle Lab?

Continuing to be part of the growing community at both the reading Lab and nationally!

What does the future hold for your company – what are your plans? What’s the next big challenge?

To be the UK’s next Med Tech Unicorn! We will be iteratively releasing our new technologies over the next 5+ years and we are currently scaling our current, Infrared technology and products.

As an Entrepreneur what tips do you have for entrepreneurs starting out on their journey?

Plan to scale from day one, and have all your corporate governance, legal documents and financials in good order – especially if you ever plan to raise investment. It will save you a lot of time and impresses investors.

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