Khalid Tayan

Springchat is a platform to chat about the news in an engaging and conversational way.

We speak to founder Khalid Tayan about his journey so far and his ambition for the future.

What have been your biggest challenges to get where you are today?

A lot. There are three big challenges. It’s really tough to find funding. There are two main options to find funding, you can go to events and pitch your idea to as many as possible, or you can attempt to network. Building the product itself. Finally, getting users.

What does the future hold for your company – What are your plans? What’s the next big challenge?

Short term, I want to finish Springchat in 3 months. Long term, I want to take over the world.

What brought you to The Landing?

I came here a few years ago. Straight away, I was like wow, this is different. There is a really good vibe and sense of community around the place.

If there was one piece of ‘tech’ you could have to assist your work what would it be?

A teleportation device. Travelling up and down the country can be really tough sometimes.

Tell us more about your company?

I started Springchat around 1 year ago. It is a social media app based around all news. From Love Island last night, to what’s going on in Parliament. Springchat is a place to react to the news.

You get to choose which articles you would like to discuss, then you will be put into a small group chat where you can message between 5-10 people purely about the selected article. The group chat is purely anonymous and stays open for 5 minutes. After that the conversations closes, and you move on.

As an Entrepreneur what tips do you have for entrepreneurs starting out on their journey?

You must be sensible but all in. People always say you must sacrifice everything, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you plan things correctly you can achieve your goals.

I would also say that you must be confident, if you don’t believe that your company is going to succeed, why should anyone else? When someone invests into your company they invest into you, it’s not always about the idea. If you can get across that your idea is repeatable and scalable then you are in a strong position to move into the future as a successful entrepreneur.

The year is 2025, where do you want Springchat to be?

I want to be established as one of the big three tech companies in the world with hundreds of millions of users. Either that or be bought by another major tech company.

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