The Jubilee Sailing Trust & Eagle Labs

The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s mission is to promote the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of sailing tall ships on the open sea.

Partnership work with businesses has allowed the JST to expand the reach and impact of their activities, attracting new voyage crews and reducing costs for their beneficiaries. It also generates important income to help fund their core activities.

In 2015 a partnership with Barclays saw 20 staff members and 20 disabled or disadvantaged beneficiaries sail on a 4-day voyage from Poole. Barclays used the opportunity to create their own links with local charities, including Wessex Autism, The Youth Cancer Trust and The Enham Trust. The staff fundraised for their own costs and Barclays matched all the staff members’ fundraising amounts to fund the beneficiaries.

The voyage was an outstanding success with staff members learning about diversity, team-building, and leadership skills, as well as providing support for their disabled buddies. In the weeks following the voyage, the same office re-booked for 2016 and 2 further business units have booked voyages to also use this proven model. 

However, plans for 2017 are even more ambitious, with the Round Britain Voyage. This joint venture sees Barclays sailing around Britain; each of the 11 voyages are designed to take between 4 – 5 days.  Each voyage is crewed by 19 Barclays staff and 19 buddies.  Each individual member of the Barclays’ team, including some of the Eagle Labs staff, are raising funds to pay for their own voyage and are being match funded by Barclays to pay for their Buddies voyage. To celebrate this personal commitment, the Jubilee Sailing Trust has commissioned personalised boats for each participant, made in Bournemouth Lab.

By the end of the Challenge, over 200 staff members of Barclays will have fund-raised for the JST and sailed on the Lord Nelson, 200 disabled individuals will have benefited by being ‘buddied’ by Barclays crew members on voyages around Britain as they also gained the experience and freedom of tall ship sailing.

Barclays Eagle Labs will be there, supporting the crews with pop-up labs at each port, highlighting how rapid prototyping is being used to tailor devices to make life more accessible.

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