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Since 2013 ITrex has been helping tech startups. We have invested our time, backing over 20 startups and providing the tools they need to succeed.

ITrex is not just one man’s idea. It is the evolution of a plan to find a way to help the startup community thrive in the UK. The founders of ITrex have worked with a large collection of small businesses and startups. In each business we added value well beyond expectations. We set out to make a difference to all startups and generally lower the barriers to innovation.

“The scary moments never end. There’s been no one single moment. The pressure has been intense at times though”

Founded in 2013 by a group of friends with a variety of backgrounds including theoretical physics and computer science, ITrex has grown so that each role is becoming more and more defined. They cite their company culture as ‘respectful and autonomous’ - they’re here to make the work better but in their own way. Bill Gates is an inspiration to this culture.

"You are not building a business. You are building an army."

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