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Sujata Devi

Eagle Labs Marketing Manager, Barclays


We speak to Mark Kingsley-Williams who is based at our Notting Hill Gate LawTech Lab since September

LawPanel is a next generation SaaS platform for law firms to boost service and efficiency. We’re using advanced UI/UX, data and algorithms to streamline processes and automate the repetitive. Our first specialist apps are designed for trademark lawyers. We started developing the platform in October 2015 'The Gran Canarias' sessions and are now three years in development, have paying users in London and were previously part of Mishcon De Reya Lab accelerator.

We have had a lot of interest from a number large law firms, which is great, but being a team of six we're having to make difficult choices over resource allocation. We've been self-funded to date (£0.33m) and are raising our first external round (£0.3-0.5m) and once this is closed we will be able to expand the team to keep building great software and serving new users.

The biggest trends in the short term are around SaaS, and moving to systems that are cloud native and API first. Machine Learning and other AI will begin to impact in the medium term, but not in the way some people fear.

So there will not be robot lawyers.

Instead there will be smart software assistants that will assist lawyers with the repetitive and robotic aspects of legal service delivery. This will reduce the cognitive load on lawyers from administrative tasks, and free them up to focus on the more interesting and rewarding aspects of law that add most value to clients.

Being based at the LawTech Eagle Lab has worked for us far better than we expected. The partner law firms are really engaged and enthusiastic, and we're now actively running a sales process with a surprising number of them. The Barclays team at the Lab are friendly, professional and fully committed to making the Lab a success, and through this the development of the firms based here.

If you would like to find out more about our trademark applications, here is an article I wrote about this for The Trademark Lawyer a few months ago.

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