Hello Salford!

Our 8th Eagle Lab

Matthew Sedgley - Service Assurance Manager at Barclays, Bournemouth

After having nearly a whole week in the office, the team headed back out on the road on Wednesday; planes, trains and automobiles transported most of the team up the launch of our newest Eagle Lab. Welcome to the Family number 8!

Salford Eagle Lab has been tailored to fit the needs of the local community.

It was great to see so many excited local entrepreneurs and business owners, and also to really show off the facilities and kit we have brought together to help them suceed.

Five men standing in a line holding the ribbon with one holding giant scissors mimicking cutting the ribbon

A special mention should go to the local Digital Eagles who helped run an amazing code playgorund event for a local secondary school. These students learnt how to program a game on the BBC Micro:Bit before using the laser cutter to cut casings to keep their new Micro:Bits safe and protected.

If you're reading this and have contacts in the Manchester and Salford area be sure to tell them about the Lab and the amazing spaces that Eagle Labs are providing to startup communities accross the country. A very quick 16 hour visit to Salford this time, but I hope to be back soon.

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A group of adults and children sitting on beanbags in a circle looking at their laptops in the Salford Lab

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