Hello Jersey!

The Eagles have a new home to roost,  
welcoming our 9th Eagle Lab

Jon Paterson- Lab Technician, Brighton Eagle Lab

I am Jon the Lab Technician of Brighton Eagle Lab. Last week we launched our newest Lab, which opened on the island of Jersey and I was there to experience it all for myself.

Having flown over in the morning, I walked into Jersey Library and immediately thought it was such a cool place for a lab to be placed. It had rows of books and helpful literature, space for people to learn, work and meet - why had we not done this before?

The Lab is based on the 1st floor at the back of the library and is perfectly placed close enough, but far enough away from the customers needing a little quite space. I first walked into the co-working area and felt that brand new smell hit me on arrival, with desks for 20 co-workers, a fitted kitchen, brightly coloured furniture and two huge TV’s displaying photos of the build process, before, during and after.

Next door was the Maker Space, which was my home for the evening. I got to work setting up the last of the machines and started making the giveaway for the grand opening, I met up with my counter parts who would be working there day to day and enjoyed being able to offer some guidance when running a Maker Space.

Jon, a Lab Engineer, standing in the Jersey Maker Space leaning over a large printer

5pm was fast upon us and in came the fantastic island based Barclays Digital Eagles along with 15 young people ready to hold the very first Code Playground in the new home, we had set up a great session for them with the new PlayStation VR kit and a coding activity using the BBC Mircobits. 

At 5:30 the doors opened and in came 75 guests for the night ready to for the tours and speeches. Up first was the Head of Implementation David Hamilton to welcome everyone and a layout of the evening, next was the Chief Librarian, Ed Jewell and our then very own Paul Savery the MD of Barclays Offshore who both spoke about the great things that were to come from the lab and how we are already seeing a digital change on the Island.

Up next was the islands very own Tony Moretta CEO of Digital Jersey who spoke about the Jersey’s place on the world digital map with its Super-fast internet and links to the world at large. We ended with a very emotional video, which showed our first enable hand project made for a little girl, Rilee out of our Brighton Lab, which demonstrated the power of 3D Printing and brought a tear to the eyes of a few audience members. We were privileged to have the space officially opened by The Bailiff of Jersey, William Bailhache who cut the ribbon and was handed a laser cut plaque commencing the beginning of the space.

The tours started and we were all at our stations ready for the influx of people ready to find out more. In the Maker Space there was myself and the wonderful Sharon Jones who gave our groups a tour of the equipment, making each person a great little Christmas tree to take home with them. It was so nice to see the range of makers to CEO’s come through the lab each looking at the space in their own way and all ready to make this place a new heart of the island.

Booking in to check out the lab next time you are over on Jersey is a must for everyone.

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