Virtual Reality


VR is an interactive and immersive experience that can be used to transport patients to a place beyond the clinical setting.

Using a VR headset, patients can experience realistic, three-dimensional worlds that aim to not just reduce the stress and anxiety of a clinic visit, but to also teach patients new skills.

Healthcare Virtual Reality is a versatile technology that can significantly impact education and patient engagement. ... Healthcare VR is no exception and as its medical uses grow, more providers are considering it as part of their digital transformation.

We have had some exciting Virtual Reality Events across the UK so far looking in to Pain and Distraction.

From increasing recovery time in rehabilitation to training surgeons and offering new forms of psychological therapy, Immersive technology offers a new frontier in improving health and wellbeing.

One of the most successful applications of virtual reality in healthcare has been in pain management and is demonstrating its potential as a viable alternative to opioids.

Next event is on the 8th October at our Cardiff Eagle Lab

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