Rapid Prototyping:
Glifo, winner of the #enabledby3D design competition

Accessibility tool for writing and drawing

September 2016 saw the MyMiniFactory and Barclays Eagle Labs #enabledby3d design competition. With the brief to create an original 3d printable design that solves an everyday problem entries were submitted across the country.

Entries included items to make everyday chores easier and enabling devices, allowing those with disabilities greater accessibility.

Inspired by Barclays’ ambition to become the most accessible bank, Luca Toscano of Milan’s fondazione Together To Go (TOG foundation) saw how 3D printers are increasingly being used to produce customisable tools to improve accessibility.

Glifo has been designed to guide a pen towards paper, working alongside hand movements, enabling anyone with limited finger mobility to draw and write freely and easily. The design team were focused on creating a tool which is easy to clean, replicate and carry and which is comfortable and customisable. They have succeeded, creating a tool which holds a range of pens and pencils and appeals to all ages.

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