Q&A with Gary Gallen, rradar founder


We specialise not only in the management of legal crises, but also in the education and prevention of them in the first place. Our people are focussed on sharing difficult-to-access legal knowledge through innovative digital channels so clients can easily access the information faster and tackle business risks before they become a costly legal problem.

To do this, we have built a strong team of solicitors, legal advisers, IT and inhouse developers, design and media specialists, that combined, makes us a powerful advocate and champion for businesses, allowing them to navigate and evolve in an everchanging environment of regulation, compliance and litigation risk.

With over 110 full-time team members and continually growing across three key strategic office locations - Hull, Leeds and Glasgow - we fuse first-class legal advice and representation with the latest technology to deliver a preventative, education-led strategy that makes the law more accessible and affordable to our clients – as it should be.

When did you start your business and what is your company mission?

I started rradar in 2012 with a simple but highly ambitious mission that I hadn’t seen tried before - to empower and educate business through smarter legal services.

To achieve that mission, we’ve hired incredibly talented and smart people who bring their expertise to bear on the problems of modernising the legal industry, transforming what we can do and how we can do it, to offer a technology-driven, preventative educational strategy that makes the law more accessible and affordable.


Why did you join the Eagle Labs in partnership with the Law Society initiative?

We’ve put our vision into practice, making an empowering and educative law firm a reality and when we found out that Eagle Labs shared that vision, it was incredibly exciting. I saw this as a great opportunity for the rradar team to share the best practice expertise we’d gained the hard way across technology and law and meet likeminded business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators from diverse sectors with exciting new ideas.

Education has always been close to my heart and a key part of rradar’s philosophy, so any expertise, knowledge or advice we can share in order to mentor and support these businesses will only strengthen the industry. That’s got to be beneficial for everyone. Barclays Eagle Labs are a superb initiative and really help start-ups and businesses who are just beginning their journey to get access to industry leaders.

Why does the legal industry need to change?

When I built rradar, I wanted to challenge the way a traditional law practice would operate and deliver its services.

For me, the next generation of legal services will do something radically different, shaking up the industry, overturning the way that things have been done. They’ll educate and advise people – sharing their knowledge – rather than just coming in when everything’s gone wrong.

Proactive, rather than just reactive.

rradar’s vision is about disrupting the sector and democratising the law, breaking down the barriers that prevent people from getting affordable and fair access to expert legal representation and advice.

This has to include the integration of the digital element into those solutions for our clients. They’re using every technology available to drive their businesses forward and it makes sense to bring these new technologies into the sector, transforming the way that we deliver to clients who expect more from the legal industry.

We’re working to educate people on the way that technology and law can combine with behavioural psychology to enable effective risk management. We hope that this will give them a better understanding of how to take these elements and shape them for better performing businesses.


What impact will LawTech companies have on the legal industry?

Technology doesn’t stand still – if anything, the pace of change is getting faster - and this means that there will always be smarter and better ways of delivering client service. If the legal industry doesn’t embrace this, it’s going to be left behind as other providers step in and fill the gap.

Legal knowledge can be – has to be - delivered through innovative digital platforms and new technologies, so clients can easily access the information they need at the speed of business, not law. We must change how businesses engage with their lawyers and enabling and empowering them in a way that’s convenient for them is a crucial step in achieving that.

What industry challenges will your collaboration with Eagle Labs be able to help solve?

We know that there are a lot of negative stereotypes associated with the legal sector and we want to challenge those. That’s where our collaboration with Eagle Labs will help. We want to offer customers – charities, organisations and small businesses – solutions and advice that are accessibly and affordably delivered.

The integration of technology into the legal sector is a massive help for clients. It gives them information and advice when they need it, the way they’d like to receive it, in their time. Working with Eagle Labs will let us demonstrate and promote this further. It will generate great ideas and help support the innovative people and businesses who are changing and disrupting the legal sector.

We’re also keen to work on what I call collaboration psychology - how to take an idea and shape it into a business that solves real problems. If businesses start with the desired outcome in mind, it quickly becomes apparent how important it is to design things with the involvement of the client.


What are you looking to gain from this collaboration?

From rradar’s point of view, we want to see how these businesses can take advantage of the experience we’ve picked up on our journey, the application of technology in the delivery of legal services. We’re looking forward to mentoring other likeminded companies that want to deliver on integrating law and tech.

People who share our vision for a transformed legal industry know that change is needed and they’re coming up with so many different and ground-breaking solutions that address this issue. But we can also learn from them - it’s a mutually beneficial opportunity and one that I and the team at rradar are really excited about being involved in.

What kind of LawTech companies are you looking forward to meet?

We’re very keen to get to know entrepreneurial technology-focussed leaders, disruptors and businesses who are developing solutions for SMEs because that’s our focus too.

We’re not going to restrict ourselves. We want to meet all types of LawTech businesses – and there’s an incredible variety of them out there – to see what they’re doing and where we can help and add value.

Honestly, great ideas and initiatives can come from anywhere and I think that’s the great thing about the Eagle Labs; bringing together people and businesses who might never have otherwise met. A conduit for opportunity and vision, lighting a fire under the legal industry and forging the future today.

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