Eagle Labs at the Food & Farming Day

Wendy Hewitson
AgriTech Innovation Manager


Each year across the country agricultural societies are involved in opening their doors to primary schools with children aged between 4-11 years to provide an interactive learning event that teaches children where their food comes from, and the importance of agriculture and the countryside.

As part of the East of England Agricultural Society, their Kids Country education program have over 300 exhibitors from 70 companies offering various activities across 14 learning zones.

Children get chance to touch and taste various foods; find out more about livestock, machinery and technology deployed on UK farms – all supported by an influx of volunteers to steward the event.

I was approached by East of England Agricultural Society and their educational program Kids Country to take part in their 7th annual FFD – Food & Farming Day where for the first time they were creating a Tech & Innovation area.

So I collaborated with the head of Kids Country to bring our Eagle Lab AgriTech Innovation programme to the attendees and exhibitors alike, by showcasing other innovative farming methods namely a Vertical Farm through the use of VR. Also highlighting the use of 3D printing and laser cutting to highlight the importance of technological advancements to secure the viability and sustainability of the future of farming.

With the support of the 2 local Eagle Labs in Cambridge and the local BUK Agricultural team I delivered an area of impactful innovation – from 9am until 3pm over 4000 children visited the event.

Through education and brand awareness to the community those children now have a greater understanding of how we can support and get involved in agriculture, and ensure we have the talent and future innovators to aid our global mission to meet future sustainability – we need to provide an estimated 60% increase in our food production to meet the estimated population of 9.7 billion.

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