Fire Tech Camp

Education Investor Awards 2015 Finalist

Fire Tech Camp are on a mission to teach young people to create and innovate through technology.

They are a leading tech education provider, putting the power of technology into kids’ hands so that they can create their own games, design smartphone apps, code like a pro, build robots to do their bidding, and learn much more in the fields of programming, engineering, design, making and the digital arts!

Fire Tech Camp joined our Notting Hill Gate Eagle Lab in October. Since they joined they have run a number of successful coding camps throughout half-terms and simultaneously every Saturday. They have expanded their network through introductions to Sixth-form colleges, local schools and other coders. Fire Tech Camp have also seen their business continue to grow and have recruited two additional colleagues. 

Why Eagle Labs?

Fire Tech Camp joined our Eagle Lab as they saw the venue as and ideal location for them to host their coding camps as well as a great networking opportunity. As they continue to expand their business outreach they are planning to hold many more evening coding sessions and with the flexible opening hours Notting Hill Gate Lab provides, they saw this space as a perfect venue.

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