Barclays Entrepreneurs Index shows strong entrepreneurial activity

The UK’s entrepreneurial activity is at its strongest level since 2011, according to the ninth Barclays Entrepreneurs Index, with particularly high figures around the numbers of start-ups and exit activity for companies under five years old.

Map of the UK with the Regions highlighted

The Entrepreneurs Index has been tracking the UK entrepreneurial lifecycle since 2011, providing a barometer of entrepreneurial activity across sectors and regions.

The headlines from this year’s report are:

Mergers and acquisitions of young enterprises has jumped 28% since last year, and is 50% higher than the first report in 2011.

646,000 new enterprises created since last year’s report – a record high.

Hotspots of growth regionally, with North West leading the way.

The number of companies receiving venture capital investment has decreased and the number of high-growth companies is 33% down from its peak in 2013.

However, while the number of companies receiving expansion funding has decreased, the overall value of this funding has increased by 70%.


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