EDF R&D Team Away Day

Brighton Eagle Lab

We had 12 employees from EDF Energy R&D Dept. booked on for the day in the lab which started at 9am sharp. Having unboxed the parts for their projects (their first task of the day!) the team then split into 3 groups of 4 each focussing on different parts of the project.

Team one were responsible for making the case and personalising it by using our laser cutter to etch EDF logos into in, along with pirates and some cool geeky binary code.

The second team were making the extruder and all the parts that came with that, along with making sure they didn’t break any of the important and fragile parts! This all had to be complete before taking the built case from the first team.

Team three were sorting out the electronics and bed - their task to build the bed onto which the jobs would be printed on. These were the last team to get the printer to fit parts.

During the day each team had the chance to make use of their downtime when the other teams were working on the printer by using the rest of the equipment in the lab.  One of the team wanted help with fixing his laptop charger, learning to solder and take things apart.  The Team Manager loved the laser cutter and made new signs for the office and a trophy but all the group had a chance to have a go on the VR setup racing and playing fruit ninja.

As well as the build challenge that had been set. another challenge was to use the 3d scanner and edit the scans by attaching their head to animal models which they had downloaded from the net.

The day was an awesome success and everyone left happy having achieved a great task.  Most of the team members have asked for prices to come back in to the Lab to have a couple of hours making things during future meetings.

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