Drone Consulting joins the Eagle Lab community

After a couple of months of a nomadic existence, Drone Consulting is excited to be accepted into the Bournemouth Eagle Labs community.

Barclays Eagle Labs is a startup community and growth incubator with 12 sites around the UK. Drone Consulting is now based out of the Eagle Labs site in Bournemouth - 300 Poole Road in Westbourne.

The environment is relaxed, techy, geeky and incredibly friendly. Free coffee, a nice kitchen, obligatory fussball all help relax the mind but most is exciting is probably the incredible array of technology that is accessible for all members here.

Alexa sits next to the coffee machine, ready to dispense advice and music as required. A full Oculus VR set is in situ, there are two 3D printers, a Vinyl cutter and much else. Regular workshops and events assist the community to explore how new technology can be harnessed for business growth and Eagle Labs provides genuine business expertise through mentoring and back office support services to its members.

Our new co-workers here are an interesting bunch as well.

With designers, developers, robotics experts all in the mix. Why wouldn’t they be?

Big shout out to Paul Twyman who is creating stunning architectural cgi marketing visuals for developers  - for image based excitement.

Also to Andrey of Total Format, a lead generation / online marketing business, who consistently answers the unending questions from this building full of entrepreneurs, with far greater patience than I could ever manage. 

It's been a great start for us here at Barclays Eagle Labs and we hope that this exciting working environment can really help us grow Drone Consulting into the full service, drone on demand business we envisage it to be.

Bournemouth Eagle Lab

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A view of the Bournemouth Eagle Lab inside from the Maker Space

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