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Winners of 2015 and 2013 Best Website Award from Asian Media Awards, DESIblitz is a web magazine with a Desi twist. The term "Desi" refers to a connection with South Asian sub-continent roots.

The most unique part of the magazine is that its readership is typically the 18-34 Asian demographic with a monthly readership of 300,000. DESIblitz believe that their readership demographic puts them in a unique position to help support the diversity and inclusion aspects of larger employers.

Why Eagle Labs?

Surrounding the company with other like minded, innovative digital businesses was a no brainer but also the opportunity to do this with the support and insight that the Eagle Lab offers by being part of the Barclays network. The access to industries that can be achieved through Barclays connections and exposure matched with their genuine commitment to drive success in my business. Getting a space in Birmingham in an environment like this wasn’t possible until now.

Helping to grow

To support the magazine and its readership demographic a Jobs board was naturally the next step in the business. Birmingham Eagle Labs have secured the opportunity for DesiBlitz to launch their new job board via Barclays Media Team. As well as this the corporate connections of Barclays have allowed DESIblitz to gain momentum and secure direct conversations with the HR departments of organisations who align their on-boarding process with the diversity and inclusion agenda. This has already seen early traction with four police forces immediately taking advantage of the jobs board and also DESIblitz have signed covenant to support the MOD in its recruitment. 

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