Disabled Access Day 2017


Access Day started bright and early in the labs with an open breakfast in Notting Hill Gate. On display were a range of 3D printed items designed to make everyday tasks easier and support independent living. Meanwhile, in Jersey, the first of ten teams of Barclays Colleagues were gathering to find out how to build a prosthetic hand.

Jon, the engineer in Brighton, shared how he has worked with Enabling the Future and Team Unlimbited to build arms for Rilee and Tate. Co-working residents and other visitors to the lab were impressed to learn more about how parts are customised and 3d printed for each recipient.

In addition to open sessions sharing tools for accessibility, Bournemouth invited 15 young people from Diverse Abilities to explore the maker space. With the support of local Digital Eagles, Jenna and Farrell, and the labs team each participant designed their own personalised planter and watched it laser cut. Some even had time to create their own seed markers and name badges!

Disabled Access Day has also been an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Barclays Eagle Labs and Remap, a national charity whose skilled volunteers help disabled people achieve independence and a better quality of life through designing and making equipment for their individual needs. Starting with Cambridge Cherry Hinton lab, the local panels are making increasing use of the rapid prototyping facilities in our maker spaces to support their goals. Wessex panel met in Bournemouth lab to share their knowledge and learn more about 3d printing and laser cutting.

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