Rapid Prototyping:
CornerApp by Athletec Ltd.

Small, wireless trackers connected to an analytic app.

Athletec Limited are residents of Salford Eagle Lab and among the first users of the rapid prototyping facilities. 

They have used the machinery and support of lab engineer, James, to develop casing for their tracker and packaging for pre-orders.

CornerApp is the first complete Boxing performance tracker. Announced at International CES 2016, there was great anticipation ahead of the product release due to the depth of analysis and convenience of use. The first units will ship in early July 2017.

Comprising a complete ‘IoT’ solution, wrist worn sensors make it possible to calculate statistics from every punch thrown by a boxer and deliver feedback through a smartphone app. 

Through the lab, the team has been able to perfect their design, fine tune their product and finalise the front end, providing a solution for elite athletes that is accessible to any athlete striving to improve their performance.

The ability to track punch rate, speed and power enable boxers and coaching teams to develop and build improvements and find trends in the punches and combinations thrown.

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