Rapid Prototyping:
Mechanical Coin Sorter

Demonstrating innovation in cloud technology

As part of an 8 part documentary series, Notting Hill Gate Lab was asked to complete a ‘Cloud Challenge’ with Maddie Moate for Microsoft and CNBC.

Josh came up with an Internet of Things connected money sorter when faced with the challenge to ‘hack’ and engineer an everyday object and connect it to the cloud to solve a real-world problem. When programmed, the user can set a savings target in the cloud and the device keeps track of the amount saved. Once the target is reached a signal is sent to the device to release the savings.

The device itself is 3d printed, and sorts coins according to their size and weight. Scales on the inner part show how many of each coin has been saved.


The project is an example of how the accessibility of IoT technology through rapid prototyping facilities and maker spaces like Barclays Eagle Labs is making it possible for anyone to devise and crate connected devices.

The Cloud Challenge explores the use and development of pioneering cloud technologies in the modern world, including the first AI generated screenplay in New York , cloud-connected water monitors to help oyster farmers in Australia and much more! From sport and art to healthcare and dairy farming, the series explores the cloud technology that is powering innovation and collaboration.

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