Chiang Mai SEO Conference and update on moving forward

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Tom Buckland

Director, HQ SEO


Wanted to do a very quick post on Chiang Mai SEO Conference – One of the coolest conferences I’ve been to, probably the most relevant too.

In short if you aren’t aware, CM SEO Conference is an event run by Diggity Marketing – That’s for advanced level digital marketers and entrepreneurs. Most of these people are doing 6 figures a month and 90% are either in the agency, saas, eCommerce or affiliate SEO space, AKA everyone’s trying to solve the same issues of scaling, training, hiring, processes, and making tons of money through search.

Being in all of these 4 SEO spaces it’s a super relevant event.

Would highly recommend this conference to anyone in the SEO space, it’s a ton more actionable than most other “SEO Conferences” – And even being in SEO for 7 years still learnt a bunch of nuggets that can take back to the team and train up on.

It was awesome to meet everyone, you know who you are so not going to name names here, all welcome down to Cardiff anytime.

Update On Where We Are

Haven’t had a massive amount of time to post on SEO Oasis recently, sucks as would like to build out some tracking style content to explain what’s going on, some tips and case studies we’re running and just generally what’s happening with the agency, but in short time is spend in and on the agency at the moment.

Two things that’s exciting is our SAAS product that’s slowly growing and has 5 recurring subs now. I’ll probably start talking about this in more detail in 2019 and potentially build out a tracking thread each month if it’s something people would find interesting about growing a SAAS business from dirt to $10k/month (and potentially flipping) all within 2 years would be nice.

Another side is our Amazon division, which has now grown to be around 40% of our agency turnover within 18 months.

Will try to be posting more in 2019 with specific updates on projects and any tricks, tips and case studies I think others will find useful.

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